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Introduction of The Sayama Hills

Sayama Hills is located in the centre of Musashino Plateau which spread over South-West of Saitama Prefecture and North-West of Tokyo Metropolis. The site is spindle shaped and independently spread approximately 11km in east and west, 4km in north and south.
There are plenty of water and wooded area. Tama Lake and Sayama Lake were made for water supplies for Tokyo Metropolis. Around those lakes, wooded area is spread and some of them are planned for water supply preservation. There is a large wooded area such as Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park and Sayama Park. And the area looks like the sole green island in the urban district and is acting as representative of Metropolitan area for the environment.

Enjoying the Tokyo metropolitan parks of the Sayama Hills

Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park

Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park image

Located on the western edge of Sayama Natural Park, this park with an elevation difference of 40 meters has dense green woods in a greatly varying landscape. It is habitat to many living creatures including wild birds and insects; and natural springs can also be seen in the park. The park has been developed and managed to protect the natural environment of the woods and valleys, as well as to pass down precious forested hills to coming generations.

Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park Map
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10-minute walk from Yokota, Choenji, Mine or Kishi bus stop on Tachikawa Bus for Hakonegasaki from Tachikawa (JRChuo line) .10-minute walk from Yokota, Choenji, Mine or Shimin-Sogo-Taiikukan-iriguchi bus stop on Musashi-Murayama city circle route bus for Mitsugi-Chiku-Kaikan from Kamikitadai (Tama Urban Monorail).
Free parking available (Akasaka parking:parking capacity is 30 cars).

Sayama Park

Sayama Park image

The rolling landscape of Sayama Park extends from the east side of the dam on Tama Lake (Murayama Reservoir). From the top of the dam, the view encompasses the park as well as the surrounding landscape, centering on the expansive reservoir. This park is popular for viewing cherry blossoms and as a destination for elementary school field trips. The area is also an archeological site with many buried artifacts. A variety of artifacts have been discovered here to date, including stone works such as arrowheads. Sayama Park furthermore is the starting point for the Sayama Sakai Scenic Road. That path leads from the park to the Sakai filtration plant.

Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park Map
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3-minute walk from Seibu-Yuenchi (Seibu-Tamako line).

Hachikokuyama Park

Hachikokuyama Park image

Located at the eastern edge of the rolling Sayama Hills, Hachikokuyama Park stretches along the Tokyo-Saitama border. The name Hachikokuyama, literally "eight province mountain," originates in the fact that the mountains of eight old provinces are visible from the peak of the 89.4 m mountain. Those provinces are Kozuke, Shimotsuke, Hitachi, Awa, Sagami, Suruga, Shinano, and Kai. This area is said to be a Kamakura era ancient battlefield. A military monument stands at the top of the mountain, commemorating the subjugation of Musashino by Yoshisada Nitta, a Minamoto clan general. Nothing remains here of the dreams of warriors. Groves of trees such as konara and sawtooth oaks along with wild grasses grown now, providing a sanctuary for wild birds, insects, and other creatures.

Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park Map
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5-minute walk from Seibu-en (Seibu-Seibuen line).

Higashiyamato Park

Higashiyamato Park image

Higashiyamato Park was developed as Tokyo's first hill area park in 1979. Along with nearby Sayama Park, it is within the Sayama Natural Park area. Utilizing the nature of Sayama, the park features a rolling landscape and is covered with groves of mainly Konara oak and Japanese red pine trees. For that reason, it is quiet and feels far from the city, even though a residential area is nearby. The park is great for picnics. It rivals neighboring Sayama Park and Tama Lake for that popular activity.

Noyamakita-Rokudouyama Park Map
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15-minute walk from Musashi-Yamato (Seibu-Tamako line).
5-minute walk from Shiogama-Jinja bus stop on Seibu Bus (Tachikawa. JR line to Higashi-Murayama, Seibu line)






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