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Park Summary

Hachikokuyama Park is located on the east edge of the gently spreading Sayama Hills. It is a precious Greenland with grove of various trees including quercus serrata and quercus acutissima (sawtooth oak), where you can find various kinds of wild birds and insects. Hachikokuyama (‘8 province mountain’) is said to be named from the fact that from the peak of the mountain (89.4m above sea level), one could view mountains in the 8 surrounding provinces of that time (Kamitsuke, Shimotsuke, Hitachi, Awa, Sagami, Suruga, Shinano and Kai). The area was an ancient battle field during the Kamakura Period (12th-14th centuries), and the Shogunzuka mound was established at the peak to commemorate Yoshisada Nitta, the head of the Minamoto Clan (Genji) to honor the conquest of Musashino.

Sayama Park Center (Administration Office)
TEL 042-393-0154
(Open 8:30-17:30 daily. Closed during year end/new year period)
4 chome Tamakocho, 2 chome/3 chome Suwacho,
Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo 189-0026(Map
Futatsu (Two) Ponds, Universal Park Path (completed April 2012)
Please note there is no parking available in this park.

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Things to see

Onemichi (Ridge path), a path that extends along the border of Saitama prefecture and Tokyo and measures 1.9km from east to west, has hills with moderate ups and downs and makes for an easy walk that allows you to enjoy the nearby clethra and cerasus jamasakura. There are several branch roads from Onemichi (Ridge pat) to the south, which take you to several quiet yet well-lit areas perfectly suited for a picnic. Two ponds and its neighboring areas are great spots for bird watching.

Onemichi (Ridge Path)

Onemichi (Ridge Path)

A flat easy to walk path extending 1.9km from east to west. Well-suited for a stroll, this place is often visited by kindergarten and elementary school students on their school excursions, and it is a classic example of the Musashino landscape.


Hokkori Plaza

Relax under the sun, with benches provided.

Hokkori Plaza

Korokoro Plaza

A gently sloped plaza, and a good place to rest.

Korokoro Plaza

Nishi iriguchi (West Entrance) Plaza

Located in the edge of Hachikokuyama Park, a moderate inclination expands on the left side of entrance sign. You can sit on the bench and enjoy the grand space.

Futatsu (Two) Pond

Futatsu (Two) Pond

Two little ponds, Kamiike and Shimoike. Close to wetlands and has a wooden path.

Shogunzuka Mound

Shogunzuka Mound

This is a place where Yoshisada Nitta, who played a significant role during late Kamakura Period and Nanboku-cho Period, stood the flag for his base when attacking Kamakura. Also this area is designated as Tokorozawa City’s ‘Ikimono Fureai no Sato’ (a home to wild life) spot and the nearby woods have plenty of butterflies.

Flowers of the season

Hachikokuyama Park offers you an opportunity to enjoy the different flowers/trees in each season, including Clethra, Yamazakura (Cerasus jamasakura) and Rhododendron kaempferi.
The below are examples of some of the flowers of the season. More details can be found in the Plant Encyclopedia section on the Nature Information Page.


Access Map

Sayama Park Center (Administration Office)
TEL 042-393-0154 (8:30 ~ 17:30)
4 chome Tamakocho,
2 chome/3 chome Suwacho,
Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo

If you take the train

5-minute walk from
Seibu-en (Seibu-Seibuen line).

If you take the car

Please note there is no parking available in this park.

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