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Park Summary

Higashiyamato Park, located in the south of Lake Tama, is a home to a most beautiful grove of mixed tree species in Sayama Hills. When urban planning was put in place in the early 1970s, many people along with City of Higashiyamato made requests to the Tokyo Metroplitan Government to protect the nature of satoyama, and this led to the opening of this park as the first metropolitan “hill park”. Since then, members of the local community carry out nature studies and plant research, and exchange opinions with park administrators in order to maintain the grove in the best way possible. The park is an outdoor museum to commemorate both the surrounding nature and culture of the grove as well as the passion of the local citizens. The park is divided into 3 areas – “feel”, “learn” and “nurture” – and you will find things to do in each area of the grove.

Sayama Park Center (Administration Office)
TEL 042-393-0154
(Open 8:30-17:30 daily. Closed during year end/new year period)
3 chome Sayama, 1 chome Takagi, 3 chome Kohan
Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo(Map
Mori-no-Asobiba Playground (featuring wooden playground equipment), Toki Doki ike (Pond), Groves of mixed tree species
Please note there is no parking available in this park.

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Things to see

In this park, you will see a lots of hidden charms such as small hills where the Japanese Red Pine (pinus densiflora) trees sway in the wind, small valley yato where orange-red flowers of the orange spider lily (lycoris sanguinea) bloom, along with clethra and hosta (plantain lilies) on the side of the path.

Grove with mixed tree species and wild plants

Grove with mixed tree species
and wild plants

Most small hills are covered with quercus serrata (oak tree) and Japanese red pine. Mostly there are tall trees, it helps create a feeling of a misty atmosphere in some parts which is well suited for a walk to enjoy the scent from the trees. In this forest, wild plants unique to a hilly land inhabit and you will find various species of kinoko mushrooms in the fall.

Mori-no-Asobiba Playground

Mori-no-Asobiba Playground

The park also features playground equipment for children to enjoy.

“Feel” Area

“Feel” Area

You will find various kinds of plants and wildlife in the lushness and calm of the “Komorebi Valley”, and areas near “Tokidoki ike (Pond)” where the sun shines brightly on the grassy land. You can feel the pleasant features of the grove.

“Learn” Area

“Learn” Area

Here you will see various types of forests, from “Genryu no Mori” (riverhead forest), which is well maintained to create a bright and refreshing area, to “Yukyu no Mori” and “Joryoku no Mori”, which remain in their natural state, in addition to a bamboo grove. You can also learn relationship between humans and the groves in this area.

“Nurture” Area

“Nurture” Area

In “Akamatsu Hiroba” (Japanese red pine Plaza) and “Haruzemi no Oka (Cicada Hill), you will not only see the Japanese red pine but also the blooming lyonia ovalifolia ssp. Neziki and clethra trees. The area is protected and loved by many citizens, and also features wild plants such as katakuri (erythronium japonicum or Asian fawnlily), cephalanthera erecta and hosta (Plantain lily).

Flowers of the season

Higashiyamato Park offers you an opportunity to enjoy the different flowers/trees in each season, including Lycoris sanguinea, clethra and hosta (Plantain lily). The below are examples of some of the flowers of the season. More details can be found in the Plant Encyclopedia section on the Nature Information Page.


Access Map

Sayama Park Center (Administration Office)
TEL 042-393-0154 (8:30 ~ 17:30)
3 chome Sayama, 1 chome Takagi,
3 chome Kohan
Higashiyamato-shi, Tokyo

If you take the train

15-minute walk from Musashi-Yamato (Seibu-Tamako line).
5-minute walk from Shiogama-Jinja bus stop on Seibu Bus (Tachikawa. JR line to Higashi-Murayama, Seibu line)

If you take the car

Please note there is no parking available in this park.

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