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A green island rising in the Greater Tokyo Area

Sayama Hills is located in the center of the Musashino Plateau, which spreads over northwestern Tokyo and southwestern Saitama Prefecture. Spindly shaped, Sayama Hills measures approximately 11 kilometers east to west and approximately 4 kilometers north to south. It represents one of the important natural environments of the Greater Tokyo Area and resembles a “green island” in the city due to a vast forest including the protected forest of two main reservoirs, Lake Tama and Lake Sayama, which were created to serve as a “water source” for the Tokyo Metropolis, as well as the greenery of Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park and Sayama Park.

※Using natural environment information GIS data (Biodiversity Center of Japan, Ministry of the Environment)

The Charm of Sayama Hills

Abundant Wildlife


Plants such as erythronium japonicum (a pink-flowered species of trout lily) and disporum smilacinum (Japanese fairy bell) and birds such as the northern goshawk and owls, rarely seen these days, freely inhabit the Sayama Hills.

Satoyama, its nature and the landscape


Satoyama, a term often used to describe the village forest or the farming landscape near the hills and mountains, is known as the inspiration of “Totoro’s Forest”, still remains elsewhere in the area and you can feel the nature of Satoyama and its landscape.

Valuable History and Culture


This is the historic battlefield of Kamakura period (12th-14th centuries) as well as possess the ruins from Jomon period. Historic temples and shrines, including the national treasure “Jizoudo”, can also be seen throughout the area. Near Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park, you can see the stone Buddha statue pictured above.

Get in touch with the nature


Sayama Hills offers a place to get in touch with nature in the Tokyo Metropolis, for both kids and adults. Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park features around 30 kinds of play equipment (ladders, climbing walls and slides), where you will hear kids shouting with joy and excitement on holidays. There are many programs offered to experience everything from rice planting and harvesting to nature art crafts.

Lake surrounded and protected by greens


Lake surrounded and protected by greensBoth Lake Tama and Lake Sayama are artificial lakes created in the early Showa era. The neighboring woodlands are a well-preserved buffer zone to protect the lake, which is a resource to supply water.

“The Charm of Sayama Hills” section refers to “Shutoken ni Ukabu Midori-no-shima ~Sayama Kyuryo Fureai Map”






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